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31 Mar

Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf to appear in a film together after divorce

Prior to the announcement of former couple Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf’s divorce, they had signed a film together which is said to revolve around a romantic narrative, where the two will be seen as lovers going through some trials. In recent news, the film is in its final stages and we will get to see the couple on screen despite their separation.

The untitled film is directed by Omar Essa Khan and was slated for a possible Eid release in 2019. However, things got delayed and the shoot was still pending.



Speaking of the character and the plot, Shahroz has earlier revealed that it’s very close to their own story. He and Syra were high school sweethearts and the film captures that phase in their lives when teenagers are losing out on love.

“He is too romantic about this girl. I know, it’s corny. Syra and I were high school sweethearts. There was a phase when we weren’t together. When I read the first draft, I knew it was me. The dialogues were me. There is a line in the script: when someone truly madly loves you, it makes you feel like the Hulk on the inside. Anyone who knows me knows I would be sold on that line,” Shahroz shared in an earlier interview with Something Haute.

According to reports, the actors will be seen in their first-ever silver screen project together. The film is now in its final post-production stage and will be releasing as soon as cinemas re-open.



There are lots of couples who’ve had to work together on screen after breaking up. While we assume the experience must be awkward, it is great to see actors keep their professional and personal lives apart.



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