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21 Apr

“I am red” – Shamaeel Ansari

Shamaeel ansari

“At the age of 50 everybody is red!” Shamaeel joked with a laugh, when we asked her why her latest collection is called I am Red.’

Shamaeel Ansari is a brand that has a long association with timeless elegance and classic designs; she has been in the business for 30 long years and has achieved milestones that aren’t easy to achieve. We’ve been impressed, in fact blown away, by Shamaeel’s collections time and time again and are looking forward to the next stroke of brilliance. The brand will be showcasing on the final day of the QMobile Hum Showcase, tomorrow, as part of the ‘Pride of Pakistan’ segment.

When speaking of the collection, Shamaeel told us that to her the colour red is about everything that it signifies. “Red is a feeling, it’s love, desire, power, dedication and confidence.” Her upcoming collection is set to make a powerful statement on the runway, and at the same time represent the vintage ethos that Shamaeel stands for.

We asked the designer how she is able to retain her signature aesthetic, as a piece by Shamaeel can be identified from afar, while moving ahead with the trends. Is it even possible to evolve without losing a little bit of yourself?
“It’s important to define a signature firstly. We are known for our eye for detail, layering as well as intricate embellishments and prints,” the designer told us. “Our pieces are very difficult to copy, as there is always a unique element to it.”

Shamaeel ansari

Shamaeel’s upcoming collection features ethnic elements with contemporized silhouettes

When speaking of trends, Shamaeel spoke of the recent phenomena of incorporating western elements in our local designs. “Off shoulders and mini skirts and all such things have no relation with us, this is not what Pakistan represents. We do not have to follow the prototype of the west,” she asserted and we’d have to agree.

Shamaeel spoke of incorporating layers and separates in her ensembles, which make them more wearable and easy to mix-and-match. I am Red will also be showcasing contemporary silhouettes, but with very ethnic elements in the prints and embellishments.

When speaking of choosing to showcase at a new platform, rather than the multiple fashion weeks that have gone by, Shamaeel told us that she has been given the liberty to express herself with this collection, and how she feels it’s always a good idea to try new things.

“I have done many Hum TV shows before, so it’s all familiar territory. And of course Rizwan (Beyg) is great at what he does. I’m happy that he is back and working along with it.”

Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.