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15 Apr

Shamaeel Ansari’s seasonal wedding wear redefines ingenuity in couture

The name Shamaeel Ansari is synonymous with class and grandeur. Being one of the living legends of Pakistan’s fashion industry, she has over two decades of successful career under her belt. The designer has a renowned clientele and the quintessential label has not only stood the test of time, but also proved its presence globally.

Inspired by the resplendence of the court of Versailles, Shamaeel is about to launch her new seasonal wedding wear collection at House of Shamaeel on April 16. The designer’s assortments have evolved into elegant feminine tapestry with less flamboyant themes. The look and feel of the range as shown in the video is mystical and mysterious. The video binds you with an enchanting spell as smoke surrounds the vibrant shades of wedding wear.

Shamaeel is celebrated for her regal capes and jackets along with intricate embroideries on vivacious drapes.  Asymmetrical silhouettes with frills and sequins dominate the collection. The base tones are mute and subtle but the embroidery is in jewel tones. We also saw a lot of panel work with rich elements of appliqué, sequins, pearls and prints over elegant styles. The embellishments over the effervescent tapestry fuse western and oriental techniques with vintage and contemporary essence. Depicting the fashion of the Palace of Versailles, most of the designs consist of a cloak or gown-like jacket paired with a skirt. The emphasis remains on definitive cuts and collars.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of Shamaeel Ansari’s luxury collection:




Model Fouzia Aman

Film Director @absolutriz

Creative Director Post and Edit @adeel5025

Hair and Makeup @nabila_salon

Stylist: Ehtesham Ansari

Jewellery by @allurebymht

Set by @parfaireevents


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