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3 Apr

Shamoon Ismail hits back at trolls with new song ‘Rok Le’ following severe backlash on his racist tweet

Shamoon Ismail

Pakistani singer Shamoon Ismail was recently in the spotlight for not so delightful reasons. He landed in hot water when he tweeted that the whole pandemic started because a Chinese person ate a bat. He later deleted the racist remark after receiving severe backlash.

Later, we found out that Shamoon has released a new track for his followers and it seems the laid back lyrics have something special for his haters. The song opens with words  “Mein label te nae jaanda, teri cable te nae aanda, Teray table te nae khaanda, Ey sab mera apna.”


Shamoon Ismail


Earlier he also posted an apology and when he was trolled for it, he responded by saying: “I have corrected myself to set an example cause people look up to me and I am answerable to a higher authority. Not because I am scared of a bunch and getting cancelled. I am not pushed on your TV or radio or on a subscription that’s paid for. I don’t owe anyone anything.”



Reasons aside, the song is a good tune if you an ear for such tracks. But we wonder if the tweet became an inspiration for the song, or vice versa.

Listen to the song here:



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