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17 Jul

Shani Arshad’s Ki Jana narrates a tragic story of forbidden love

Shani Arshad

We were eagerly waiting for Shani Arshad’s new song Ki Jana since we saw Sonya Hussyn’s stunning shot from the shoot a few weeks back. However, now that the video is out, we can say that it exceeds our expectations.

The video begins with a message that “contractors of society and religion should understand that love has neither any religion nor amour has any caste”. Shani sings similar lines in the composition with soothing guitar and mandolin playing in the background.

The visual masterpiece, shot in the hot and barren area of Balochistan by Nabeel Qureshi, features Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbas Haider as a newly married couple. It appears that the two fall in love and face opposition from the girl’s family due to their different caste, status or religion. In a bid to unite, they elope but the girl’s father stays on their tail and catches them off guard. In the end, they are shot in the name of honor killing. Nabeel Qureshi has done full justice to the beautiful lyrics of Baba Bulleh Shah through this imagery.

Shani’s vocals tug at your heartstrings meanwhile the visuals appeal to your senses. Sonya Hussyn is undoubtedly the star of the song with her charisma and strong presence. As a newly married and widowed bride, she shoots everyone in her sight but surrenders in front of her father to the bitter end.

Watch the beautiful song here:


Syeda Zehra

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