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10 Oct

Shaniera Akram makes daily commute easier for deserving people

Once again, Shaniera Akram has used her position to benefit the common people, and this time around, it involves making bicycles available to deserving people who have no means of commuting to work and school etc.

Her Twitter account, where she often turns to not just raise voice for a number of issues, but to also create a solution for them, is filled with various causes, and this is just another feather in her cap. The philanthropist posted about the feat, that was made possible thanks to her collaboration with the charity organization, Muslim Hands Pakistan, and an Australian charity, Bikes 4 Life, on her Twitter handle yesterday.



More than 450 bikes were gifted by the Australian organization, which were then assembled and distributed to people who Shaniera’s team deemed deserving; these range primarily from school kids to employees.

“Shaniera Akram and George Fulton visited Muslim Hands Educational Complex in Wazirabad; where they were warmly welcomed by the students of both boys and girls campuses,” shared Muslim Hands Pakistan.



Shaniera has been an active philanthropist for a while now and regularly posts about relevant issues on her social media. She also recently kick-started a beach cleanup at Sea View, Karachi after spotting bio-hazardous waste at the strip.


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