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5 Sep

Sheheryar Munawar insists smoking isn’t glamorous

Sheheryar Munawar

This is a crucial time to for the entertainment industry worldwide as everything comes under scrutiny. Celebrities have to be wary of Twitter trolls and social media police before posting any picture or writing any comment. Keeping this in mind, Sheheryar Munawar recently posted a disclaimer with his smoking picture, so as to make sure that this does not encourage the injurious habit in his fans.

The actor shared a shot from his Parey Hut Love poster shoot in which he is holding a cigarette. He added a disclaimer: “Smoking is a disgusting habit which I’ve struggled with and hopefully can kick it soon.”



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Sheheryar admitted that photographers glamorize smoking in shoots, but his fans should not get inspiration from it.

“To all the kids reading this, don’t take it up! It’s not cool. However, for some reason all my photographer friends feel it has a cinematic appeal to it when taking pictures,” he wrote. So what I’ve decided is that If I do put up such pictures I’ll always put a disclaimer with the caption: smoking kills,” he wrote.

We appreciate that at least Sheheryar is recognizing his responsibility as a public figure. He is acknowledging his bad habit and discouraging it at the same time, after all he doesn’t want the impressionable minds to follow it.


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