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5 Aug

Sheheryar Munawar talks to us about 7 Din Mohabbat In with Mahira Khan

Every time a new film is announced, there will be some critics, who make it their life mission to draw comparisons with Bollywood and repeatedly use the term ‘copied’. Err…ever heard of the word inspiration? Now, the latest film to become a target of suspicion is the upcoming romantic-comedy titled Saath Din Mohabbat In, starring Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar in lead roles. As soon as the title was announced, various publications accused it of being unoriginal and pointed out that the title is copied from SRK’s Kal Ho Na Ho formula ‘6 Din, Larki In‘.

Wanting to know if there was any actual inspiration taken, we got in touch with Sheheryar Munawar, and this is what the actor had to say.

SDMI has nothing to do with SRK or anything with his formula. Besides, it was ‘6 Din, Ladki in’ cause Aman from Kal Ho Na Ho did not work on Sundays, remember? “Main Sunday ko kaam nahi karta.” We are working really hard to bring something original, and if you find any similarities, know that it wasn’t deliberate. Farjad and Meenu have a reputation for bringing forward unusual and interesting films like Zinda Bhaag and Jeewan Hathi,” Munawar clarified.

Further adding, he said, “It’s just a play on words to make it sound more engaging and interesting, nothing else. However, no matter how different, love stories will always have the same fundamentals.”



Our next question was what almost everyone looking for love has had on their minds: “Will this film actually offer a 7-day quick formula. Can we count on it to find love?”

“I’ll be giving away the story if I tell you that. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out if he does or does not find love in 7 days. Though, one thing I can guarantee, as much as this may sound like a clichéd plot, it’s a story that most will relate to. While the guys will see themselves in my character (Tipu), the girls will relate to Mahira Khan’s (Neeli),” the actor said.

SDMI narrates the story of a man who embarks on a journey to find his true love in the crowded city of Karachi and encounters some obstacles before he can achieve his goals. Talking about his role at the expense of not revealing too much and why he chose it, the Ho Mann Jahaan actor said, “The movie is a mix of reality and fantasy because you do need a bit of exaggeration to entertain your audience. It’s nothing like the movies I have done earlier, and since I love experimenting the story really caught my attention. In the film, Tipu starts off as a very timid guy and the story shows his transition, coming of age and how he discovers himself in the process.”

We have seen Sheheryar and Mahira share the screen in Ho Mann Jahaan earlier so we know they have amazing chemistry and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about regarding their equation.

“All praises for Mahira,” he continued saying. “In the industry, it’s hard to find people you have a great equation with both onscreen and off screen. Most of them are only acquaintances but the bond I share with Mahira is different, we’re buddies which makes work easier and more fun.”

Adding further about what works and what doesn’t, the actor said, “Right now the industry is in an experimental phase where we’re trying to figure what works and what doesn’t. If actors don’t take risks, how will the industry grow? It’s a constant struggle, sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed, and in both situations, you learn and grow.”

“It’s growing at the expense of my career,” laughed Shehreyar.

At the mention of risks, we couldn’t hold ourselves from asking about Project Ghazi, the first superhero movie which couldn’t save itself from delay, criticism and comparison with other superhero movies.

“There were some technical faults and the film was rushed. However, it will now hopefully release in November. The directors and producers can tell you better about when exactly. My job is to promote my film, and that I’ll continue doing,” responded the optimistic superhero.



His positivity and support to the industry sure wins him the superhero title from our end. Isn’t he a true asset? And since most of our assets get noticed across the border, we couldn’t help but ask Sheheryar if he too plans on flying to India or not.

Staying politically correct and away from the dirty politics, the actor replied, ” It’s unfair for art to limit itself so if there’s ever a good learning opportunity, why not? An actor does not restrict himself to one industry or country.”

As for future projects here in Pakistan, Sheheyar will once again collaborate with Asim Raza for yet another treat. (Hopefully) And as for his existing projects, SDMI and Project Ghazi, we cannot wait for them to hit the screens to be a better judge of inspiration and originality.

Muna Moini