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12 Dec

‘Shehnaz ki Shaadi’- the ultimate wedding of the season!

shehnaz ki shaadi

With winter finally here, we see a number of brands launching their festive collections for the on-going wedding season, but amidst the abundance of shawls, velvets and golds, what is it that truly makes a collection memorable? A strong inspiration and an outstanding campaign of course, and Generation has managed to ace that time and time again.


shehnaz ki shaadi


After their last campaign ‘Greater than Fear’, which celebrated diversity and empowerment, Generation celebrates the wedding season with even more panache! ‘Shehnaz ki Shaadi’ shows a single, middle-aged mother who is ready to tie the knot, with the love and support of her family and loved ones. This great campaign brings to light one of the many taboos of society that we continue to live with, i.e. single mothers and re-marrying. Lauding those children and family members who happily support their parent’s decision to seek a partner, the brand shows a beautiful celebration of a middle-aged woman’s big day. ‘Shehnaz ki Shaadi’  highlights family values and the importance of love in each individual’s life, regardless of age or societal norms. Continuing to make a statement, plus making one think of the everyday issues we quietly accept, the idea makes for an intriguing and innovative concept.


shehnaz ki shaadi


The jewel toned ensembles, ranging from Rs 3000-15,000, are perfect for winter weddings. Burgundys, sapphires, and emeralds, along with bright fuchsias and oranges, come together in this vast range of wedding wear consisting of classic and trendy silhouettes. Our favourite being the classic velvet shawl, which has made a comeback with a double sided element, along with adda work and printed lining. Generation not only brings you beautiful clothes, it also brings beautiful concepts to influence mindsets that need to be changed today. The leading brand’s consistent focus on making society more accepting, as well as pushing individuals to think and broaden their mindsets, is always a treat to see.


Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.