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8 Apr

Shehzad Roy releases unplugged version of ‘Mukhra’ and fans love it

If there’s one thing Shehzad Roy is known for, other than his music and humanitarian activities, it has to be the fact that he doesn’t age. The artist defies age and the unplugged version of his song Mukhra that he just released is proof.

“I hear this complaint constantly that I have started doing only socio-political songs and have stopped doing romantic songs,” wrote the singer in a recent post.

Catering to the huge demand, Shehzad decided to release the unplugged version of one of his previous hit; Mukhra.

“This first of many, unplugged version of Mukhra is for all my fans, done with the help of my guitarist, Imran Akhoond from Chicago, USA,” he shared the unplugged version and fans began to wonder how someone can be so handsome and so melodious, both at the same time. 



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The original song released over a decade ago and Shehzad still sounds great and looks just as charming.



Listen to the complete song below:




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