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30 Jul

Shehzad Roy shares experience of COVID through an innovative video following his recovery


Shehzad Roy on Wednesday shared with his fans that he and his family have been tested positive for coronavirus a few days ago but now they have recovered.

The singer took to Twitter and shared the news. However, the social activist made the best out of this situation and collaborated with European Union Delegation to Pakistan for an innovative music video to reach out to people and create awareness about the disease in this pandemic.

“Few days ago my family & I contracted the Coronavirus.With Allah’s blessings, we r fine. Here (video) you can see a family of corona virus in my body & then transforming into its true shapes & colours, & then how v can beat them forever,” he wrote.

The video showed Shehzad walking on road with proper protocols like a face mask when an elderly man asked him to help him cross the road. As Shehzad was tested corona positive, he was hesitant to touch the man however, the family of virus inside him was eager to get out and transmit to others. It is a light-hearted take on a serious situation where Shehzad helped the man by staying under the limits of safety protocols i.e. avoiding physical contact.

The video ended on a public service message where Shehzad urged everyone to celebrate Eid ul Azha with simplicity by staying indoors and following SOPs when they are outside.


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