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19 Mar

Sher Dil’s song Kuri da Jhumka misses its target entirely


Keeping up with the tradition of a shaadi number in every Pakistani movie irrespective of its genre, Sher Dil also features a mehndi track which was released on Monday. Sung by Adnan Dhool, Kuri da Jhumka is a party song gone wrong on so many levels that we can’t keep track.

There is no denying the fact that grand scale marriages are pretty much a larger part of Pakistani culture and hence, movies also incorporate such songs. However, the video shows Armeena as a bride with no groom in sight whatsoever.

Calling the content cultural appropriation would be an understatement. The song starts with a girl imitating a Chinese person accompanied by desi girls clad in lehengas. Later, we see the same girl trying to match steps to the choreography, which indeed looks more like a school performance.




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Three unfamiliar boys dance to the tune with the guy in a black turban (a sikh character) being the saving grace of the song. He actually has funny expressions that go well with the song. There are rare instances when we see Armeena, but she is doing the same hook step over and over again.

As far as the lyrics and composition is concerned, there is little that we can comprehend. We hope the film based on Pakistan Air Force has more to offer in terms of story and performances by Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hassan Niazi.

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