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11 Jul

Shield yourself from teeth sensitivity with Sensodyne

Teeth sensitivity can be quite bothersome. Imagine not being able to eat ice cream, for instance. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

But fret not because Sensodyne toothpaste is your saviour. Honestly, we were a bit unsure if there was a quick fix for sensitive teeth. That was until we attended a Sensodyne activity in Karachi.

Sensodyne Pakistan hosted a fun activity across malls in Pakistan this weekend which allowed people to come to their booth and undergo a ‘chill test’. What the’ chill test’ entailed was essentially having an ice lolly to determine whether or not someone had sensitive teeth. The helpful representatives at the booth would then brief people on how Sensodyne toothpaste can prove to be an effective measure against teeth sensitivity.

Sensodyne is the No. 1 dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth. Sensodyne products are specially formulated to help protect against tooth sensitivity, and with daily use help maintain healthy teeth and gums.



“I have teeth sensitivity but ever since I started using Sensodyne a couple of years ago, I am able to enjoy food a lot more, Bushra, 35, told us as she passed by the Sensodyne Check Up booth at Dolmen Mall in Karachi.

Bilal, 29, who realised he had teeth sensitivity after trying out an ice lolly at the Sensodyne Check Up Booth was curious to try out Sensodyne and see its effects. “I will head home right away and brush my teeth with Sensodyne,” he said.

And we bet he wasn’t disappointed!

Another avid Sensodyne user Komal, 33, dropped by at the booth to have an ice lolly. “I know it won’t hurt because I am already using Sensodyne,” she said smilingly as she finished her ice cream.



If you, too, have sensitive teeth, brush your teeth twice with Sensodyne. It will not just provide sensitivity relief, but will also effectively clean your teeth and gums.



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