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6 Nov

Shoot Karlain: Comedians Uncensored


Conceptualized by  Shoot Karlain, a digital media company, a new web series by the name of Comedians Uncensored just brought together some of Pakistan’s most loved comedians all in one place, for an open discussion.

Featuring Hassaan Bin Shaheen, Faiza Saleem, Saad Haroon, Danish Ali, Akbar Chaudry and Ali Gul Pir, the thirty-minute long video is a friendly group chat on their line of profession.  Some interesting points were brought up though, in all seriousness.

“We do this for a living! Why would they not let us do it?” Danish Ali exclaimed, questioning why TV shows use all their budgets on the outlook of a show, instead of focusing on hiring a professional to write their script.

On the other hand, Ali Gul Pir spoke of the ‘ego boosting’ award shows.“Every award show you go to is just a different lobby. These twenty people give each other awards,” Ali Gul Pir stated.

The video made for a fun watch, the comedians’ natural humour adding an interesting element to what could have been a boring talk. We do have to question though, why was Saad Haroon curating the talk, when as a comedian he should be contributing to it as much as the others?

The second part of Comedians Uncensored is yet to be released, meanwhile, you can watch the first part below and tell us what you think:

Comedians Uncensored | Part 1 | Shoot Karlain

Comedians Uncensored | Part 1 | Shoot KarlainPakistani comedians uncensored like never before! If you guys enjoy it, please like and share karlain! #ShootKarlain

Posted by Shoot Karlain on Samstag, 4. November 2017

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