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26 May

Sikka: A short film starring the late Zara Abid and narration by Saba Qamar

zara abid

Before she passed away just a few days ago, the late Zara Abid provided the industry with one last gem in the form of her first and last on-screen debut. A short film called Sikka, starring Zara as the main lead playing two different characters. With Saba Qamar’s narration, the video is a treat to watch.

Written and directed by Ahmed Sarym, the film captures Zara playing two different girls leading drastically different lives. They’re both connected by their humane need for fulfilment and the difficulties in escaping the repetitive pattern of their everyday lives. However, they never cross paths.



The story tries to portray that beyond the surface level hindrances created by this world, people are much more similar than one might think. It begins with a dedication to Zara, “To you Zara, to your undying love. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It shall stay in our hearts forever. May your soul rest in peace, Team Sikka.”

It’s devastating that such a beautiful and talented soul has left the world so soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with Zara and her family. This will indeed stay with us forever.

You can watch the film here:




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