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21 Mar

Sonu Nigam says ban on Pakistani artistes is wrongly guided patriotism

Sonu Nigam

Renowned Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam attended a conclave over the weekend where he spoke at length about various pressing issues in India after the Pulwama Attack which killed 40 Indian soldiers. The singer who had previously shown discontentment with Pakistani artists working in Bollywood has now made a statement in favour of them.

In an interview with India TV, the singer questioned why Pakistani artists are invited to work in Bollywood when they have to be banned eventually?

“By banning Pakistani artists we feel a sense of security that ‘oh, now Atif Aslam will not come work with us, we’re happy’. This is wrongly guided patriotism. Why are we inviting them in the first place and then asking them to leave? Why are we changing our decisions like kids?”

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The singer continued that the onus of not working with the neighbouring country’s artists lies solely on Bollywood.

“If there is a desire to discontinue working with Pakistani artistes, the film industry needs to cease cultural exchange with Pakistan. By banning artists, the issue between the two countries cannot be resolved,” he said.

Previously, the singer lashed out on the Indian media for instigating hate and jingoism amidst the rising tension between the two countries. He called them out for their “stupidity and childlike behaviour” in such critical times.


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