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18 Dec

Sohail Javed narrates yet another story on destiny through short film Naseeba

During this global pandemic, digital portals have released some of the best short films in recent times. After releasing Naam Kya Rakha? that crossed over a million views on YouTube, director Sohail Javed is back with yet another interesting and simple story. Naseeba is a See Prime original, featuring Mohsin Abbas Haider and Mahenur Haider.

“Our life journey is a product of our choices, but sometimes destiny has something else in store!” read the description on the channel.

Mohsin Abbas Haider plays a taxi driver in the short and the almost 20-miniute long film presents the story of his destiny following a random encounter with a young passenger (Mahenur Haider) named Naseeba.

“Sohail Sahab shared the story with me while we were doing Ghamandi; he wanted me to play this character and I immediately agreed since I too loved the role,” shared Moshin in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. “I play the role of a happy-go-lucky character, content with want he has, and not trying to change his destiny or change the condition that he’s in.”

However, destiny walks into his life in the form of a passenger. Lady luck proves true in his case, not only does he find true love, but she also opens the doors of good fortune for him.

The taxi driver feels that if something is meant for him, he’ll get it no matter what, and in a way, that holds true here.



“I feel I’m one of the few people who truly want an increase in the production of digital content. There are so many issues that cannot be talked about on television, however, these digital portals allow us that freedom. There are so many interesting stories to tell and so many unexplored genres,” Mohsin shared his thoughts on the need for web content.

“It’s not like our audience does not want variety. The reason Bollywood and Hollywood films and short films trend in our country proves that the audience exist. They just do not have many locally produced options to choose from,” he further explained.

Mohsin hopes that the regulation authorities become a little flexible when it comes to minor details that can be overlooked. However, he also admits that in our society, a number of matters, including religious sentiments and morals need to be taken into consideration to avoid chaos.



The script has been penned by Sheraz Sheikh and other than the two leads, the cast also includes Hassan Khan. While there isn’t a lot to talk about in the film, the actors were in character and did justice to their roles.

Nothing groundbreaking; it’s a simple story with a simple message. “This one is for the believers, dreamers, and lovers,” wrote the director of the film.

Watch the short film here to find out how destiny works in mysterious ways:






Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.