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4 Feb

Sonya Hussyn opts out of Sohail Javed’s film ‘Sorry: A Love Story’


Many significant film announcements were made last year, but one that got fans excited was the directorial debut of Sohail Javed with his film Sorry: A Love Story. Boasting of an ensemble cast, everyone was anticipating the release date of the film, however, in a recent development one of the leading ladies of the film — Sonya Hussyn — has opted out of the project.

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The star-studded cast of the film included Sonya along with Faysal Quraishi, Aamina Sheikh and Zahid Ahmed.  Earlier in an exclusive conversation with Instep, Sohail Javed revealed that the film is a tragic love story and will be an honest account.

“I am going to tell an honest story, which I am not going to shy away from. This is why we are having difficulty in raising funds; some backed out as well saying it’s very serious. But I am still going to tell this story. There are five songs in the film but they won’t affect the story adversely. The story is very personal; it’s original and is very complicated. It will make you cry,” he said.


Sonya Hussyn

Sonya is currently shooting with Feroze Khan for Tich Button in Punjab


Instep has also reported that that Sonya has walked out of the film and the filmmaker has confirmed the news to the daily. He revealed that the actress has, in fact, stepped down from her role for reasons more than just disagreement with content. The Aangan actress had a clash of dates between two projects which is why she decided to opt out of the former. Sonya has not issued an official statement as of yet.

Who do you think will replace Sonya in the film? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. The film is slated for release this year.


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