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7 Dec

SRK and Mahira’s chemistry in Raees


The official full length trailer of Raees is out and there is enough of Mahira Khan to make us happy. Have a look before you read on…



This isn’t the first gangster/don film we’ll see coming from Bollywood, and not even the first featuring Shah Rukh Khan – Don did that for us – but Raees seems to have the grit that takes it beyond the light heartedness of Don and it has the lightness to prevent it from being a film as dark (and at times unpalatable) as Gangs of Wasseypur or Agneepath, perhaps. It’s ‘Laila O Laila‘ playing in the background that gives it an irresistible, filmy funda. Raees seems to be striking the perfect balance but what tips the scales in its favour is Mahira Khan!

We thought the equation between Fawad and Mahira was unbeatable but from the way things appear in Raees, we could be wrong. There’s enough of Mahira in the trailer to convince us that she has a visible and important role (and isn’t just a trophy wife in Raees’s life) and the best part is that she looks herself. There’s no sensationalization around her but thankfully, there appears to be just the right amount of romance. Shah Rukh and Mahira do fog up the screen and we just hope that the censor board doesn’t get trigger happy and delete the scenes.

We can’t wait for the film to release on January 25 but of course, all this excitement will only make sense if it’s allowed to release in Pakistan. We just hope that the overzealous patriots in the government will pass an order for the release of Indian films in Pakistan, in general, especially films like Raees that would be box office hits. For the sake of cinema and us, cinema lovers!


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