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7 Aug

Why we need to stop treating ‘Chain Aye Na’ as the underdog of the film industry

chein aye na

Directed by Syed Noor, Chain Aye Na managed to spark a great amount of interest since the release of its trailer, which was then defended by the lead actor Shahroz Sabzwari himself. Seeing the film’s trailer and songs, we too were skeptical about what to expect.

Keeping things simple, Chain Aye Na did not jump on the bandwagon of holding multiple teaser/trailer/song launches, instead they hosted a meet-up for media and bloggers over the weekend at McDonald’s. Attended by most of the cast, minus Sahrish Khan who we were told is in USA promoting the film, each member spoke to the audience regarding the film.

What we realized at the end was that Chain Aye Na might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the film does have some strong elements going in its favour.

Legends and legacies

Nadeem Baig, Behroze Sabzwari and Syed Noor are names in the industry that have been around since the very beginning. We talk about the revival of cinema, while they have experienced it first hand. Following in their father’s footsteps, the film also stars Behroze Sabzwari’s son Shahroz Sabzwari and Waheed Murad’s son, Adil Murad.

chein aye na

We have been following ‘Teri Raza’, starring Shahroz

While we have not seen Adil Murad’s work, it is only natural to expect him to follow Waheed Murad’s legacy. However, we are currently following Shahroz’s Teri Raza and the actor has promising talent that we hope the film has rightly cashed in on.

Light hearted entertainment

As the director of the film told us, “There is no philosophy behind the concept, when you watch the film you get to enjoy it without thinking too hard or delving into complexities.” Some films are made for pure entertainment, and Chain Aye Na seems to be just that.


Sure we may or may not like the film in the end, but it should be kept in mind that some productions do cater to niche markets. Film Mah e Mir was not appreciated by the general public, but it did go on to receive an Oscar nomination. Similarly, there is a large audience that comprises of the masses, who miss watching classic Lollywood films. While much cannot be said about Chain Aye Na before its release, we can vouch that it is very much reminiscent of the old Lollywood.

chein aye na

How Chain Aye Na is able to take its strengths and make them work is something we will have to see after we watch the film, which is set to release on 11th August.

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