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23 Jun

Strings’ new song is a perfect ballad but the video is another story altogether

Iconic pop band Strings released its new song yesterday (Thursday) titled Piya Re from the new album 30. This is the third song from the new album and has been released in collaboration with Corentto Pop Rock Season 3. ‘Piya Re’ comes after the success of ‘Sajni’ and ‘Urr Jaaon’ and the song and is the kind that hits the right notes for all youngsters living high school romance.

Penned by renowned writer Anwar Maqsood and Bilal Maqsood, ‘Piya Re’ – sung by Faisal and Bilal – is bound to fill you up with hope and make you forget your woes just for that instant. The tune, even though not completely original, takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and the flurry of feelings you experienced with your first love. The amplifying tune is actually reminiscent of many Indian and Pakistani pop songs, with one being Atif Aslam’s ‘Piya Re’, not because of the identical name but similar tune.

The video however, disappoints with ‘in your face’ brand endorsement and one wonders when Cornetto will learn the art of subtlety. There could have been a more discreet angle where it was not so necessary to repeatedly show Cornetto cones throughout the video. We somehow need to master the art of projecting a brand without seeming too desperate to promote it. Case in point: Coke Studio would have lost its dignity had artists been drinking Coca Cola during every performance.

Having said that, ‘Piya Re’ as a song has it all with its foot tapping notes and melodious tune, and leaves you wanting more music even if it does put you off ice cream cones! Do share your thoughts!

Watch the song here:


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