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8 Nov

Strings steps into the future with ‘Raat Shabnami’


One of the leading musical band in Pakistan — Strings — has just released the last track of their new album Strings Thirty that marks the band’s three-decade long career. Titled Raat Shabnami, the song explores a fresh musical space with a futuristic video that shows us glimpses of the band’s glorious past.

Written by Anwar Maqsood, the lyrics are close to signature Strings style with a funky psychedelic beat. However, the video directed by Yasir Jaswal gives serious Atomic Blonde vibes. Mahenur Haider looks very much like Charlize Theron along with duo-tone effect dominated by red and blue tones. The colors signify a Utopian setting (Karachi in 2088 to be exact) feeding the viewers passion, love and nostalgia and giving the song a charm that Strings has always retained.

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The band members with their album cassettes


Their album Strings Thirty consists of eight tracks; each song has its own music video released sometime earlier this year. All the songs are now available online, but the band has also released this album on audio cassettes.

Watch the song here:



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