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6 Apr

Strings’ ‘Urr Jaoon’ will bring tears to your eyes

After the success of their single Sajni earlier in March, Strings have released their second single titled Urr Jaoon from the album 30.

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Urr Jaoon hasn’t just been sung by Bilal Maqsood, but he’s also penned the lyrics. This also marks the reunion of Strings and ace film and music video director Jami, a dynamic combination that has led to some groundbreaking audio-visual collaborations such as Duur, Mein Toh Dekhoonga, Aankhain, Humsafar, Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga and Anjaane to name a few.

The video features a fancy dinner party that is about to begin with little girls working as servants. The moment when one child looks at her own reflection in the spoon she’s meant to clean is enough to break anyone’s heart. Soon the dinner party begins, the guests arrive and the children continue to serve. Faisal Kapadia plays the role of one of the guests who ends up thinking that it’s not right for children to work like this. He lets one of the girls sit in his chair which makes the other guests to do the same. The video ends with the children enjoying a fun time with the band members on the beach.

“Yes, it’s visible everywhere you go, at restaurants, malls. In many instances, the children who are catering to other children are closer to their age. And you think the child pushing the pram should be in it, not pushing it around,” said Bilal Maqsood in an exclusive interview with Instep.




Urr Jaoon proves that the world isn’t a bad place and there’s good within all of us; we just need someone to guide and show us the direction sometimes. “People do things but they need a leader, they want to follow someone, it’s difficult for someone to start a trend. Once a trend is here, people follow it. What we’re showing is that one man showed courage and the realization comes to him. If one person, just one person, takes the first step, it will inspire others too. And maybe that’s how things will start to get better. Someone has to take that first step and we all have a larger responsibility to humanity,” added Faisal.

The song also features band members Aahad Nayani, Adeel Ali, Haider Ali and Bradley D’Souza.

Here, check out the video:



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