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6 Nov

Style File: 4 haute hairstyles for wedding season


Planning for a festive look for the upcoming wedding season? Fret not, if you are in a fix to whether opt for a hairdo or leave your tresses loose. We are here with all the answers to set your look for any shadi shenanigans. While flowy locks and blow-dried hair are always a girl’s go-to hairstyles, fall season has brought back buns and braids, making them a popular choice to complement your ethnic outfits.

We have taken hints from some of our fashion favourites and here’s how they are styling their hair à la mode…


Low Bun


A bun is a sure shot way to keep your hair in place. This classic hairstyle is a set-me-once deal where you don’t have to worry about retouch session and fly-aways. Plus, it never goes out of style, proves Sajal Aly. Form a loose low bun or even one with a tighter grip and separate a section to wrap around the bun for added definition.




You can also add accessories to it or let a few loose strands at the front. However, a neat and sculpted look is more in vogue. Try a faded middle parting or a sleek gelled hair to nail the look.




Wavy Hair


Who isn’t going gaga over wavy tresses that made rounds throughout the year? You can add bounce to your hair and tie them up in sleek pony tail or simply bring those statement locks to the forefront. This hairstyle lets you flaunt your hair so opt for a boosting blow dry for crazy volume.



Weaving Strands


What’s better than a glamorous look that can be achieved with a few twists and turns? You can try styles over the crown, forehead or diagonal to the parting. These weaved braids add finesse to the look and suits both open hair as well as with other hairstyles.




French Braids


Braids give you the much-needed functionality that you require during a dholki and mehndni. When you have to dance and carry a fashionable outfit as well, the hairstyle is a perfect solution for all your hair woes. From simplest braids to intricate ones, your hairdo can blend with your mood and your attire effortlessly.




Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.