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18 Feb

Style File: Bridal jewellery trends you need to know in 2020

Bridal jewellery

One of the biggest choices a bride makes is what jewellery she will wear on her wedding day as ornaments can make or break an outfit. So it’s crucial to know what’s popular now and what will be in the future (as most of the wedding preparations begin months prior to the Big Day).

Many brides opt for heirloom pieces which are a good catch, but if you no longer feel any emotional connect with your grannies’ choker or don’t want to opt for pieces that are collecting dust, then fret not! You can find traditional pieces which don’t look dated and have a contemporary feel. Seen on the ears of some of our favourite celebrities and on the necks of some influencers as well: pearls, beads and gold-plated artsy designs are this year’s pieces of choice.

Read on to stay ahead of the game and find out from where to buy the hottest jewellery trends of 2020:


Go the Traditional Route


If we look at any bridal jewellery collection, we can find that pearls are the go-to option for 2020. Whether you like tiny ones or bigger baubles, pearls are an obvious jewellery staple. Esfir is one brand that truly believes in its timeless elegance. But aren’t we talking about staying away from the usual? Well… yes and thus we advise you to choose something a bit more out of the box.


Intricate, delicate but incorporating tradition with a modern twist, these accessories are an instant hit. Why? Because they have a universal appeal that makes you feel like a diva and a cool bride at the same time.



What stands out in Esfir’s earrings are its ornate motifs. The design aesthetics for 2020 are based on imagery within traditional structures. The brand’s signature is becoming more popular as pearls and traditional designs can be spotted down the aisle in everything from chokers, statement earrings to cuffs and hair accessories.


Designs of Influence


The least definable trends of 2020 is going to be abstract jewellery which celebrates the unexpected and artistic eye. Jewellery designers like Haya Lutfullah had a ball working on these beautiful pieces of metal. The concept behind the aesthetic is simple; HL stands for ISB – Innovative, Sustainable and Breaking Boundaries.




Her designs should be ‘innovative’ by using unconventional materials, methods and processes, along with being ‘sustainable’ by using timeless techniques and design language, and lastly, they should ‘break boundaries’ by mixing  disciplines to create timeless designs.




However, even Haya thinks that traditional jewellery and heirlooms enjoy a special place when it comes to bridal jewellery and they will dominate in 2020 as well.

What is a must-have then? She suggests everyone should own a teen or a paanch larha [three or five-layer necklaces].


Think Crafty


Wearing artistic plus time-honoured pieces on your wedding day is definitely a nod to tradition, but the silhouette of the piece and its craftsmanship also matters. Few labels like Print Therapy by Saba and Waqas take this artistry up a notch.

When you can find a classic combo of pearls, gemstones and hand-painted accessories, why look any further? For this season, the brand vouches for subtle trends. As destination weddings have become a popular thing, this year bridal jewellery trends are going to be dominated by subtle playfulness. Statement tikkas and earrings with relatively lesser emphasis on the jewels around neck would be seen every where. Layering is highly likely like stacking of rings and karas, allowing a mix and match of gold and silver metal along with different stones.

Print Therapy

With pieces that will definitely turn heads, the brand’s signature style is based on its perennial quality.

“We have always been mesmerized by the souvenir-value of period objects and how they construct the sense of past though the memories that they hold. Print Therapy’s signature style is defined through the celebration of nostalgia of our magnificent past and the desire to create pieces with meanings and emotional value that go beyond being merely beautiful ornaments while having a strong emphasis on traditional craft.”


Print Therapy


Saba and Waqas also emphasized that every woman must have at least one cocktail ring to slay any party look because these rings  stand for more than just a piece of jewellery and symbolize personal sense of style. We are sure you all must have seen your mother’s or grandmom’s wearing one!

These trends will find their way down bridal runways as well as wedding aisles in 2020, so consider all your options. See which ones fit your sense of style to figure out your perfect look.


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.