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17 Jul

Style File: Saba Qamar’s handpainted sari scripts a love story

Award winning actress, Saba Qamar is really making good use of her time in lockdown. She has started her own personal YouTube channel and is working hard on creating original, and balsy content for it. Saba is also making the perfect style choices on Instagram the most visual of all online properties. Having perfected the androgynous look with boxy, masculine suits giving off Boss Lady vibes, yesterday Saba upped the game by sharing a picture of herself in an outstanding sari.

Monochrome, featuring Punjabi poetry in bold calligraphic script, she wore the sari with a sheer white, halter blouse; hair tied up, clean and fuss free, she nailed the look.

The statement sari, it turns out, was created by Rehmat Ajmal. The model-cum-actress is a textile design graduate from National College of Arts who also owns a small business enterprise, RehStore, where she creates custom prints and handpainted designs, specially saris.

In an exclusive conversation with Something Haute, Rehmat revealed who is the genius behind this particular creation.

“This idea stemmed straight out of Saba’s creative mind. I always try to curate pieces that are as personalised and customised as possible. This particular piece is actually Saba’s own pick. Each word we read in books or hear in songs have stories behind them that are open to interpretation. I really enjoyed working on this piece for her,” she shared.

When asked about the concept behind those Punjabi verses, Rehmat credited it to Saba.

“I think this question is more analytical of the song that she picked. I don’t feel I can answer it in the same way as she can.”

The model admitted that she handpainted this sari herself, along with all the other ones available at her design label.

“I started my store a year and a half ago and since then I’ve juggled with it and other projects. So far I’ve painted all the orders myself. However, I have a humble team of four; my dear dyer who’s also my fabric provider, my friend who helps me manage the page and myself. It’s a small startup that’s growing slowly with a lot of support and love that makes me super grateful and overwhelmed,” she concluded.

Certainly, her work is unique and we have seen many celebrities don her saris with aplomb. With creative collaborations like this one, she indeed has a bright future in the business.


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