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21 Mar

My Summer Wardrobe ’17: Part 1

Summer wardrobe

The ‘winter to spring/summer transition’ has begun and as someone who absolutely loves clothes, I have begun my annual wardrobe clearance and have made space for those new and soul-pleasing clothes that make getting out of bed a little easier every morning.


Sapphire lawn: yellow and blue

I spent: nothing, also a freebie (yes, I love my job)

I think by now people who have been sending me free joras over the years know my taste because I am lucky to get prints that I actually like! This blue and yellow print from Sapphire, again, came with white shalwar fabric and was limited to three colours, which made it visually appealing.


Sapphire ready to wear: green zipper tunic

Price: 1800+ something

 This I bought because I had gone searching for offerings in the new Sapphire collection; I saw Manal wearing two really cool tunics and I couldn’t resist! The offerings at Sapphire were abundant but unfortunately not all tunics I liked were available at the outlet adjacent to Agha’s in my size. I wear a L/XL and either they were sold out or unavailable. I did love this one tunic though, for it’s zipper neckline. A little quirk can take a tunic a long way.


Left (Top and Bottom): Sapphire lawn and Sapphire ready to wear. Right: (Top and Bottom) Nishat lawn.


Nishat: 2 tunics – b/w and black multicolour fabric

Price: Approximately 1000 per shirt

I stepped out of Sapphire and into Nishat, because what I love about Nishat is the choice to buy by yard. I know we usually don’t have time to make tailor visits but I’m a bit privileged and don’t need to and so the idea of having a smartly tailored tunic (courtesy my ‘angel’ stylists) isn’t so bad. And I really liked these two prints. The b/w was just classic; I had the b/w panel from my Sana Safinaz jora incorporated here and the multi was just so vibrant. The quality of fabric is lovely and it’s affordable. Made me happy!


Sana Safinaz lawn

I spent: nothing, as it was a gift that came with the launch

As luck would have it, this actually was one of my favourite prints from this year’s Sana Safinaz Lawn ’17. I’m a sucker for white shalwar/pants and the self-printed white lower was ideal for the very fresh and floral embroidered shirt. I did not get the floral panel appliqued on the trousers and I also did not use the black and white border included in the parcel. My jora turned out to be simple and summery!



Summer wardrobe

I wore my Sana Safinaz to the Farah Talib Aziz for Lakhany launch. Picture courtesy Rraannaayy.


Sonya Battla block print tunic

Price: 7000

This was my big splurge of the week. Sonya Battla’s block prints are one of a kind and while I bought a total of five, four were for cousins in Lahore and one for myself. This black and beige block (which I wore to Zaheer Abbas’ boutique opening) caught my fancy (and I always end up having a lot of monochrome in my wardrobe) especially because it reminded me of Sonya’s recent Murid collection. Also, block prints do provide some visual relief when prints get too much.

I have to say that the 3 solid tunics I am carrying on from Sania Maskatiya ’16 are also my go-to tunics these days. Fresh, minimalist and versatile, they’re perfect for days when one needs to know they’ll look good without having to think how!


  • Watch this space for Part 2 of My Summer Wardrobe…




Aamna Haider Isani

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