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18 May

Summer’s must have hair colour

L’Oreal Paris

As summer approaches, most of us are trying to find ways to stay cool in this scorching heat, focusing on staying stylish while managing the mercury. We focus almost entirely on our wardrobes but, thanks to the beauty experts at L’Oreal Paris, we’re convinced that it’s time to realign and spend more energy on getting our hair fashionably right too.

For the past six years Excellence Crème by L’Oreal Paris has been promoting their ingenious Ambassador of Fashion platform, on which they have previously collaborated with fashion designers like Nomi Ansari, HSY, Khadijah Shah of Élan, Kamiar Rokni and Ali Xeeshan, hosting a glamorous event to align the year’s top hair colours with complimentary fashion trends. This year L’Oreal Paris collaborated with the unapologetically glamorous Shehla Chatoor to promote their new Excellence collection. Presented at the glorious Old Customs House in Karachi, this campaign came out more powerful than ever. Shehla created a bespoke collection, constructed mainly in tones of ivory and gold, to flaunt ‘The Deep Ashy Collection’,  hair colours of the moment. Shades 4.1 Profound Brown, 5.1 Profound Light Brown and 6.1 Dark Ash Blonde, out of the myriad of colours, were the closest to a woman’s natural brown hair colour, enhancing its richness and thus allowing women to feel naturally glorious.

Watch the campaign come alive below:



Will the heat + hair colour damage your hair?

Here’s a little myth buster for all those still debating or worrying about the vitality of their hair when it comes to colouring it. Excellence Crème by L’Oreal Paris, has a patented Triple Protection Formula with 3 powerful ingredients — pro keratin, ceramide and Ionene G — that guarantee a stronger, nourished look. This carefully constructed formula also defies any claims of hair colour leading to more damaged or white hair. It’s just about choosing the right brand.

Looking for recommendations?

It’s all about finding the right shade of brown for yourself…


4.1 Profound Brown


L’Oreal Paris


Dusky skinned Zara Abid was given dark chocolate highlights, creating a beautiful, mysterious vibe. This shade is best suited for skin types with warm undertones. Talk about alluring. Buy it here.


5.1 Profound Light


L’Oreal Paris


A deep brown colour with light undertones will allow you the liberty of looking fresh and playful without being too drastic. Super model Sadaf Kanwal was given this colour, suited for skin with neutral undertones.  Buy it here.


6.1 Dark Ash Blonde


L’Oreal Paris


Dark Ash blondes have lots of fun! This look gave additional dimension and depth to Alicia Khan’s light skin, adding some warmth thus making her glitter like gold.  Buy it here.




L’Oreal Paris is giving away a free Shehla Chatoor clutch with every purchase of any one of ten stunning shades from the Excellence range. Shop your favourite shade here.


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