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17 Aug

The ‘Long and Healthy’ of fairy tale hair


Hair functions as woman’s crown: a (naturally) occurring commander of strength, beauty, and femininity. So it’s no surprise that Sunsilk’s newest offering caters to their long-hair loving audience. The ‘Long and Healthy’ line is enriched with Biotin (the magic ingredient often called hair food) for all those looking to add some unbelievably quick inches to their locks; Sunsilk guarantees up to 4 cm of growth in 3 months with continuous use of the product. ‘Long and Healthy’ focuses on rapid hair growth while reaching those lengths with a healthy scalp, follicle and look in mind.

Long hair has been a beauty ideal for centuries, with long hair still being the most in demand look of the day. For South Asian women, in particular, tresses reaching long lengths while rippling with thick and voluminous gorgeousness have run through history as synonymous with both power and elegance. It has always been an identifying and proud part of the South Asian culture from the most northern to southern tips. Beyond the borders, fairy tales, Disney, pop culture and history books have often depicted women with long hair. Take Game of Thrones as the recent most cult example. Every powerful woman has a head of thick, long (and fabulously styled) hair and shortened hair (as in the case of Cersei Lannister) is an unfortunate exception; her long hair was shaven off as punishment for her sins.

Pocahontas and Jasmine, two of Disney’s strongest brown leads, Arielle of The Little Mermaid and of course Rapunzel of Tangled all sport the kind of locks that have launched a thousand memes on unrealistic hair expectations; that’s the kind Sunsilk is ready to meet! Long hair unapologetic feminine fierceness – grace like that depicted in the aforementioned Disney films or those in the history of female rulers and women who influenced the course of nations – have all made a lasting impression for women of today, who in turn proudly rock their locks.

Sunsilk’s line is being introduced to the world through a TVC that most girls in South Asia will find incredibly relatable: a friend rings up to fill you in that her wedding is around the corner and the look everyone is going for is traditional, so everyone needs to grow their hair! Though it’s hitting a very niche corner that may include beauty direction like growing one’s hair, the sentiment resonates. Many a lady we know personally has been hit with the desi styling stick fresh after a lob and may feel the sting of wanting to rock long tresses at the Olympic-sized event known as a family wedding. Tradition calls for women to grow out their hair long and proud, and though we always agree that women should feel confident in whichever length they chose, for those looking to take a healthy and natural attempt at growing out their locks Sunsilk’s ‘Long and Healthy’ is right there with you. The brand wants its customers to achieve the hair of their dreams with out sacrificing the health of their tresses along the way.

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