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1 May

Sushmita Sen recites Quranic verses during live session

sushmita sen

Bollywood actress and mom of two, Sushmita Sen recently won over Muslim hearts all around the world. During a live session on Instagram, she recited Quranic verses along with her family on the request of her fans.

The actress recited Surah Asr from the Quran. Not just her but her family seemed to have it memorized as well.



She showed immense respect for Pakistani fans greeting her over the session by replying to their Salams with Walaikum Assalam and teaching her children to do so as well. Sushmita also talked about visiting Pakistan when a fan inquired about her next visit. She said, “Aw MashAAllah. Soon I hope. I really really hope. I’ve been to Karachi three times and each time I have received with a lot of love. It’s been a long time since I ‘ve visited.”

“One of my favourite songs were put on repeat while I was there,” she added.

Her respect for Islam was received with a lot of respect, to say the least.



“This is the reason why we love her,” said one user.  Others also joined in to praise the actress.




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