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18 Jun

Swara Bhasker commends Pakistani trolls for their wit

Pakistan lost the World Cup match against India, however there were an overwhelming amount of videos and memes by Pakistani supporters all over social media soon after the match ended. One thing that remained the highlight was the unparalleled Pakistani humour and even Bollywood celebrities seem to develop a liking for our wit. Swara Bhasker took to Twitter to acknowledge that even though Pakistan lost the match, Pakistanis have won Twitter with their hilarious trolling.

Take this one for instance,


The meme game has been winning the internet and it ensued a hilarious exchange on social media. Swara Bhasker really appreciated the memes and declared that Pakistanis have won the hearts of Indians.




The actress also put it out there that all this trolling should not be taken to heart as it’s all in good humour.



Ranveer Singh was also found comforting this Pakistani fan. who is also a comedian Atif Nawaz, after Pakistan lost by 89 runs to India.



It’s good to see that despite all the political rifts between the two countries, the game of cricket helps in diffusing some tension with celebrities from both countries behaving cordially.


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