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27 Jul

LSA’16: Who’ll Wear What?

The biggest and brightest award shows are around the corner and we, at Something Haute, are all set to ask the most important question: Who’ll wear what this year? The red carpet looks for the much celebrated Lux Style Awards can swing both ways: it can either have a swoop-back pleated twill and glamorized shirtwaist (as sported by Mahira Khan last year) make headlines for best dressed or have any sorbet-shaded cocktail dress dismissed as frou-frou by style critics. Will this year’s LSAs showcase striking fashion statements that’ll woo the crowd? Or would it be boo’ed by the crowd? Perhaps only time will tell, but till then our style-radar has caught up with the frenzied wardrobe preparations for who we feel are the most...
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29 Aug

My last cine-weekend: Josh & Aashiqui 2

 I can’t say I was terribly convinced that I would like Josh. Barring the patriotic stirrings that we’re always ready to succumb to, I presumed that it would be, well…boring. But it was pleasantly and refreshingly engaging. Despite being shot (a problem that new Pakistani film makers will overcome with time) more like a tele-film than a feature film, Josh does was no big budget Hollywood or Bollywood production can do. It brings an authentic bit of Pakistan to the cinema. And eager to give in to patriotic stirrings, one is only too proud to relate to the language, the landscape, the characters and the nuances that are all purely ours. Unfortunately, many of them like the feudalism, crime and corruption,...
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5 Aug

Cine Sunday: Wolverine and Waar hype

I have decided to dedicate Sundays to the cinema. Not just because it reads as an alliteration but because Sundays are the only day I get to indulge in my other love: movies. And so after cinematic abstinence during my 6 week zen holiday in China, I was all too eager to book myself some seats. The only film worth watching was Wolverine and so The Wolverine it was. That's one good enough reason to watch the film, in the cinema, in 3D. I love superheroes and more so, mutants. They stand out and so The Wolverine, despite spoilers and warnings, was an engaging watch. For one, Hugh Jackman is worth the watch, barring that epic disaster called...
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22 Apr

You know a model has had one nip/tuck too many when…

While waiting for Catwalk to send me official pictures of Sanam Chaudhri and Maheen Karim’s official Bonanza launch (which was originally my blog post), I got sidetracked and decided to blog about fashion models instead. Long limbed Amna Ilyas has the attitude, the tone and the poise of a fashion model, without the nips and tucks.  Photo: Faisal Farooqui Everyone has a personal top ten model list and most designers prefer to work with their muses but I've been talking to photographers recently. And they aren’t too happy with what’s happening. What’s happening, people, is way too much plastic surgery! A model with glorious dimples actually got them grafted when she was 16. Another one changed her jawline to look more...
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