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28 Jan

Red Alert: there’s a new bus in town!

Have you hopped on the Lahore Sightseeing Bus yet?   The shiny, red bus brightens up Lahore’s landscape like a beacon screaming for attention. It’s a double-decker, much like any double-decker tourist bus in the world, and promises the same kind of experience. Lahore does have a wealth of landmarks, like centuries’ old Mughal architecture (obviously the focal point of the tours) and catching the grandeur from the bus top actually helps you time travel back to an era when emperors and warriors rode on elephants. The aerial view does allow you a fresh perspective.   The logistics: the tours embark from Gaddafi Stadium (a name that makes us wonder why we still call it that) and for PKR 200 you can book an...
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27 Jan

Destination: Namak Mandi

  A trip to Peshawer revolves around the infamous and somewhat legendary food that has survived years of devastation in the city   Almost sixteen years after we had last visited the historic city of Peshawer, my family and I decided to take a detour (on our way back from Murree) and check out how much the city had changed over the years; it would be an education for the children, if nothing more. It turned out to be an eye opener for all of us. Peshawer was a city ravaged by the impact of war as well as the tumultuous Torkham border. We expected desolation, depression and starkness that usually is the byproduct of the kind of experiences the city had undergone....
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3 Jan

Atif Aslam: Getting high on spirituality

Atif Aslam talks to Aamna Haider Isani about how his life has evolved around work and family and how important it is to maintain a distance between the two   Atif Aslam, by all descriptions, is Pakistan’s most celebrated artist today.   It’s a simple case of mathematic. With a massive following of over 18 million on Facebook, 466K on twitter and more visibility than any single artist in the country on Instagram, where 791,000 fans trail him, he is collectively the most followed celebrity on social media. In fact, his popularity equals the rest of the music industry, combined. And that’s just cyberspace. The constellation of his concerts shine all over the world, from popular destinations like India, Dubai and the USA but...
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28 Dec

In conversation with.. Ho Mann Jahaan

Aamna Haider Isani manages to bring the cast of HMJ together for a madcap interview that allows us to read between the scripted lines!   It took some serious skills in persuasion and coordination to get these guys together. With the release of Ho Mann Jahaan a mere few weeks away and promotional activities at an all time high, the cast and crew was all over the place, all the time. You could spot them at colleges and cafes, cineplexes and hotels, talking about the film and building up the hype with very little leftover time to sit down and talk about it. But we did manage to get Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar, Sonya Jehan, Adeel Hussain and Asim Raza in one...
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10 Dec

Winter/Festive is Coming!

Fashion Pakistan Week introduces a unique ‘Winter/Festive’ flavour to the season but served between commercial collections and bad branding, it suffered from style setbacks.     Unlike the western world, Pakistan has two unique fashion seasons: summer and wedding. And so to label this season’s Fashion Pakistan Week ‘Winter/Festive’ was not a bad idea at all. Winter is all about festivity in this part of the world, whether it’s weddings, parties or the overall celebratory air of family reunions in the holiday season and that’s the cue designers were given for their collections. Whether wedding wear, trousseau, party or simply winter wear, what they interpreted as Winter/Festive was their personal choice.   Shehla Chatoor chose to show her very first bridal collection at a fashion...
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8 Dec

Exclusive! BTS at Ho Mann Jahaan rehearsals

'Shakar Wandaan Re' dubsmashes are all the rage these days but we've been holding on to this exclusive footage of the Ho Mann Jahan's leading trio - Mahira Khan, Shehryar Munawwar and Adeel Husain - since summer when we went behind the scenes at Asim Raza's studio in Karachi and caught the action, live. We were requested not to post this footage until the first look of the song was revealed - which it has been done now - and now we have the director's blessings to go ahead with giving our readers a little something special.   So, what was it like to be present at the rehearsals? It was like being in the midst of a hustling and bustling bazaar,...
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27 Nov

L’Oreal Creams: Are they worth it?

Something Haute’s beauty writer reviews the various L’Oreal moisturizers, widely available in Pakistan, that she has used over the years.   By Fatima Khan   I have been obsessed with my skin and hair for as long as I can remember. In fact, I have been obsessed with everyone’s skin and hair all my life. How can it look better? What can we do differently? Why aren’t there any products for the weird, mostly combination skin type most Pakistanis have? Why does my mom have faint coffee-coloured patches on her cheeks, and will I get them too?   So most of my adult life has been spent trial-and-erroring my way through creams and lotions and serums to find the perfect fit. Especially since my early to...
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16 Nov

When gold gets lyrical

We live in a day and age where time and practically everything that falls within the twenty four hours of each day is measured in its monetary value; how well it will sell. It’s a rare and extraordinary pleasure to come across a creative artist who designs for the delight, the thought and the consciousness of design. And that’s why the brand KFJ is special. The kind of jewellery Kiran Aman designs is a pleasure for the soul, not just the visual senses, and each of her collections – my personal favourites being Time Scripts Man. Man Scripts Time and Esoteric – has been a reflection of what has moved her at that particular moment. These days it’s Harmonia, her...
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1 Nov

Swarovski to host Sparkling Couture in Dubai

      Swarovski is celebrating its 120th anniversary in Dubai and four designers from Pakistan will exhibit alongside top couturiers of the Middle East and South Asia to honour the occasion.    Couture and crystals go hand in hand and to honour 120 years of Swarovski, four designers from Pakistan will be showcasing at a gala evening in Dubai, alongside 36 other designers from the Middle East and South Asia. Elan, Faraz Manan, Maria B and Tena Durrani have designed one ensemble each that has been encrusted with an array of the crystals. There's no doubt that the gala - which is promises to be ritzy and well-attended black tie affair - will be a sparkling affair.   ELAN   Khadija Shah is known for the opulent wedding wear...
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