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4 Mar

The lost art of dance in Pakistani cinema

  Recently held in Alliance Française by the same name, 'The lost art of dance in Pakistani cinema' was an eye opening journey for any cinema-lover/media student/film critic. The low attendance of anyone from the media industry, however, was shocking. You would think that the people so interested in producing films and 'preserving/reviving cinema' would have attended an event like this. Sadly, there were barely any people from our mainstream film industry present. Guddu Khan, moments before breaking into a chorus of 'Thank yous' to all the people who came to see his archive   What was this event? It was an exhibition held by Guddu Khan, one of the few people who have created an impressive archive for Pakistani cinema, ranging from original film...
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26 Feb

Sania Maskatiya’s 5-year journey to the top!

Sania Maskatiya talks about digital prints, plagiarism and rumours surrounding her brand!   by Manal Faheem Khan   Sania Maskatiya immediately dismisses my claim when I ask her what it's like being at the top of the Pakistani fashion industry. "I wouldn't say we're on top, there are so many other established brands out there," she modestly brushes off the suggestion. Her impact on the industry, in five short years, is nevertheless undeniable. Sania opened a flagship store in Karachi when high street retail was limited to a handful of brands; her success motivated so many to follow in her footsteps. But it's refreshing to talk to a designer, who despite so many achievements - multiple stores, Lux Style Awards, Woolmark Prize nominations, local and...
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21 Feb

Bachaana: Can someone save the helpless woman…again?

  There is a line in the trailer of the movie, Bachaana, which goes something like this: "Larki Pakistani ho, ya Hindustani, larki larki hoti hai." We aren't entirely sure what the writers meant when they wrote this dialogue for Mohib Mirza's character. Is it trying to strengthen friendship between Pakistanis and Indians by claiming that nationality doesn't matter? Or is it trying to say that a woman is weak and helpless, no matter what country she comes from, and deserves to be saved?   While the movie is yet to be released, there are certain expectations from the movie based on what we've heard and seen in the trailers. The movie is based around two strangers: the 'hero' is a Pakistani man who...
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17 Dec

Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Hair Treatment: the review

Dye it, fry it, straighten it, curl it, tweak it or tame it…let’s just say that our hair undergoes the same level of mistreatment as a nerd on the school soccer team   Dye it, fry it, straighten it, curl it, tweak it or tame it…let’s just say that our hair undergoes the same level of mistreatment as a nerd on the school soccer team. The effects are just as devastating and in some cases, irreversible. So thank heavens for the kind people at beauty corporations who keep coming up with various therapies for damaged skin parts, in this particular case, hair.   I have, like most women in their 40s, been dying my hair for almost a decade now. It began with a...
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14 Dec

IN BED WITH: Ali Gul Pir

Living with the ‘Waderay Ka Beta’     “This weekend we have to meet Aamina for dinner, don’t forget.”   The ‘Aamina’ in question is Pakistan’s most versatile model/actress, Aamina Sheikh. This is what a typical weekend looks like nowadays. Sometimes I come home at night to find the world’s second funniest man, Saad Haroon, chilling in our lounge; other times I’ll get a phone call saying we have to leave for the airport in an hour so that we can jet off to Islamabad because a music video needs to be shot with the internationally acclaimed rapper and music producer, Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi. Other instances, Pakistan’s adventure man, Moin Khan, will call to announce that he’s planning a camping trip in Skardu...
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6 Dec

A Post Fashion Week Weekend

   Spectre, Tamasha, a very ‘haute’ dinner hosted by Nasreen Askari at the Mohatta Palace Museum and last but not least, some jaw-breaking comedy by Saad Haroon and Salman Qureshi at the PACC Auditorium…this was an extremely busy and yet charged and revitalising weekend!   Yes, this is exactly how one recovers from Fashion Week! Nasreen Askari, director Mohatta Palace Museum and Frieha Altaf.   “It’s tragic that we’re a country that can produce couture and yet we’re letting it all waste away,” Rizwan Beyg did not mince his words or his disappointment at how commercial, fast fashion, pret and a compromise on quality had jeopardized all the gorgeous craft that is indigenous to this region. Nilofer Shahid and Faiza Samee, also from the same school...
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