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21 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day One

Fashion week took off on a dignified, progressive note where the fashion was concerned. Akif's finale, a tribute to the basant festival Maria B: This has got to be Maria's best collection so far. It was commercially safe and a bit limited in lower options but the sleek tunics more than made up. Hemlines went up a bit, came into asymmetrical lines and shapes remained loose and practical. Zonia: The young PIFD student showcased an extended version of her graduate collection. Well detailed and fluid in colours. Zaheer Abbas: Certainly an evolved collection, this homage to Roman statues had movement and fluidity. Embellishment was retrained and ornamental, whereas the choice of fabric and colour palette is where the designer played...
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4 Apr

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Two

Akif's 20-piece collection for autumn/winter 2011 was the highlight of the evening TOP FOUR COLLECTIONS OF THE DAY: 1. Akif 2. Khaadi Khaas 3. Republic 4. Sadaf Malaterre PRODUCTION OF THE DAY With corsages, bubbles and cupcakes, Karma spins girlie magic at their show. KARMA: replete with roses, bubbles and pretty cupcakes for the front rows, this showing was picture perfect as far as production goes. The collection, though not razor sharp in design, had some interesting pieces and indicated that Maheen Kardar was finally rerouting herself back into the game with her own vision for her label. Runner up: Asifa & Nabeel for bringing chandeliers and live qawwals to the runway. DISAPPOINTMENTS OF THE DAY 1. Sarah Salman for showcasing the most...
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