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30 Nov

Why the show must go on!

(Published in the October 2011 issue of Herald) 2007: Aaminah Haq and Atif Aslam performed to a frantic audience in Malaysia. The Lux Style Awards celebrate their tenth anniversary amidst national crises and raised eyebrows. Can the annual event survive this inhospitable climate? Here’s why it’s so important that it does… Take a minute to imagine how it was back in 2007. A special plane to Kuala Lumpur was chartered by Unilever to fly over 200 people who couldn’t be accommodated in regular flights. These 200 people were a heady mix of celebrities, musicians, fashion designers, models and the regular swarm of journalists whipping up every possible story. Pop band Raeth serenaded ‘pilgrims’ through the flight all night while...
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10 Sep

Instep on MBKD

StarBytes Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif- Ali Zafar starrer Mere Brother Ki Dulhan releases around the world Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, the Bolly flick that Pakistan is so invested in because of Ali Zafar, premiered in India and Pakistan a couple of nights ago, and the reports are better than just good, everyone. We can almost see that guy who tried to get MBKD pulled from theatres ‘cause Katrina was smoking a bidi in it smoking at the ears, but MBKD made it, and made everyone smile, at least a little. A reviewer from sent her editors a quick message saying: “Movie belongs to Katrina. Otherwise the film is okay, funny in parts and with tacky dialogues in some places. The cinematography is good.” Meanwhile, another...
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10 Sep

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan premieres, has something for everyone

By Faisal Quraishi | From the Newspaper   Mere Brother Ki Dulhan opened throughout Pakistan on Friday. KARACHI: The exclusive back-to-back premieres of Yash Raj Films’ Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (MBKD), which opened throughout Pakistan on Friday, were well-attended events. Not only were the glitterati and celebrities in full attendance, but the event also wiped away unsavoury memories of Ali Zafar’s Bollywood debut, Tere Bin Laden, being banned at the last minute from being screened throughout Pakistan. But then there’s a big difference in the content matter of both the films: where the TBL was somewhat loosely structured around a fake Osama bin Laden look-alike and focused on certain elements of society who exploit a situation to their benefit, the MBKD is a light-hearted comedy skirting around the...
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9 Sep

MBKD makes a heart warming premiere

Hop on for the joyride! Ali Zafar's Yash Raj venture, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, premiered in Karachi today and it sent the crowds home with smiles pasted to their faces. Two things make Indian films a hit: stars and soundtracks and MBKD offered both. A light hearted fun watch with an absolutely amazing soundtrack. Don't expect anything deep from the film; it doesn't have a soul. But it does have spirit and what more do you need for entertainment? Spirit and a bucket of popcorn will do nicely, thank you very much! With Frieha and Rukaiya at the premiere  You can read my official review in the newspaper but a few words on the premiere...
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1 Mar

With Jhoom, Channo can finally Rest In Peace

It has been long overdue but Ali Zafar’s fans can finally stop calling him “Channo Boy” now that his Huqa Paani and Masty days are over. An era of bubble gum pop is blowing away with drastic winds of change. These winds have brought Ali new horizons and escalated heights of stardom, making this boy from Lahore a man of the world. And the genre of music he was known for has been popped, overwritten and replaced by a much more mature sound that comes as an ode to self-discovery rather than an urge to please teeny-bopper fans. Reading between the lyrics of this twelve track album, one senses the nomad in Ali Zafar overshadow the urban, city slicker. And it’s...
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24 Oct

Breakthrough, Kid

(Dawn Images on Sunday, October 24 2010) The success of Tere Bin Laden has propelled Ali Zafar’s star to immeasurable heights in India. With the right vision it can illuminate Pakistan’s dying industry too. Ali on the sets of Jhoom in Mumbai   Traveling across Mumbai to Goregaon West in Film City, where Ali Zafar is shooting a video for his new album Jhoom is like swimming through a sea of sludge. Hot, humid and crawling with traffic, it takes over an hour to get to the FM Studio where extras, dressed in saffron as saadhus (hurriedly puffing away on a smoke break), are the only giveaway that some sort of shooting is taking place inside the downtrodden shed. It’s...
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29 Aug

Putting your right foot out

(Dawn Images, August 29 2010)   Any excuse to put Imran Khan's picture on my blog! “A nation dies when it gives up,” says Imran Khan and no matter what, we must not give up on this nation. These past two weeks have been devastating for Pakistan. But amidst tales of woe, misery and the break down of law, order and civil society, what we must grasp on to and move forward with are the unprecedented man-to-man efforts that are being made. There is so much to complain about but there is also a lot to be appreciative of. As always, the glass is half full as well as half empty, depending on how you chose to see it. Foreign...
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24 Aug

Tere Bin Laden rocks!

What a refreshing shift from all the ribald slapstick comedy that Bollywood is churning out these days. I totally loved the indie take on this film and the fact that it was pertinent without being preachy. Comedy is always preferable over serious cinema (at least to me) and even without the usual song and dance and superstar presence, TBL managed to hold its own. That it has created a star in Ali Zafar is perhaps one of its biggest accomplishments. Too bad the censors flunked it for Pakistan but after seeing the film one can understand why. A troupe of mullahs shaking their booty while ‘Ullu Da Pathha’ plays in the background. Not a chance in hell! ...
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