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25 Jun

7 things we wish we hadn’t seen this Ramzan

As much as I love Ramzan, this year I'm extremely disappointed. People have been at their worst; nationally, globally, politically, whether on the streets and even on television. Yes, even TV stars - infact especially TV stars - have made my blood boil and I wish I could unsee all the programs in which they are all acting insane. In no particular order, here are some of the worst TV moments this Ramzan...
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11 Aug

Having a little fun with two really serious guys

Two bits of eye candy (read semi-nude images) have come to light of late. One of a young and virile Junaid Jamshed of the Vital Sign heydays (the nineties) and second of the 61-year old cricketer turned politician turned protester, Imran Khan, circa 2014. Seeing the great shape IK is currently in, we’re just happy it wasn’t the other way around. We have seen and enjoyed many visual treats of the Captain’s youth but we have not and do not want to see a semi nude JJ of today. Judging by the thickness of his beard…oh forget it, let’s not judge and run the risk of being judged for whatever we say. These pictures, however, have inspired other politicians and show...
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