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16 Aug

Is Fashion Dead in Pakistan?

The rise of a ready to wear revolution has resulted in the death of innovation and creative expression in Pakistan. Can someone step in and save style?   I like to think of fashion as poetry in motion.   Alexander McQueen 1999: This was one of the most memorable moments in McQueen’s show history. Two robotic hands unraveled from slumber and aggressively spray painted model Sharlom Harlow. She says: “It almost became this like aggressive sexual experience in some way. And I think that this moment really encapsulates, in a way, how Alexander related to—at least at this particular moment—related to creation. Is that all of creation? Is that the act of a human being being created, the sexual act? Is it the act...
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21 Feb

Colour me, WICKED!

I'm very fond of Meherbano Sethi, who has been successfully managing the Luscious brand of makeup for several years now. And I feel that in lieu of the fashion week mania that we are experiencing in Pakistan, to have a limited edition of nail colours for summer is just wow! It's a great idea, one that many major cosmetic (especially nail) companies all over the world - OPI, Sally Hansen, MAC etc - have practised. Nail colour collections have been customised around movies, celebrities and of course fashion designers. So it's very hip of Meherbano to take up the idea in Pakistan. And her selection of designers as super as the shade card that she's chosen. Bright, vivid and joyous...
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2 Nov

Less flash for fashion

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week collaborated with TDAP to execute an event better geared for business From the Khaadi Khaas look book: the newspaper print trussed up as a full skirt Last week the Pakistan Fashion and Design Council hosted their spring/summer edition of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) in Karachi as has now become tradition. The council hosts autumn/winter collections in March (Lahore) and spring/summer in Karachi (October). Two years and four fashion weeks old, aging with confidence, this fashion week exhibited maturity that comes only with consistency, commitment and strong leadership. The fact that much of the week’s oomph was sacrificed to accommodate stability was merely part of the growing up process. The developments at hand were...
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24 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Three

Adnan Pardesy took muslin and made magic [youtube=] Adnan Pardesy:the AIFD graduate who can easily be labeled as fashion’s new King of Couture created a dream out of muslin. Adnan’s philosophy is to showcase couture that can be diffused into ready to wear and if I weren’t wearing a diffused piece, I may have never understood how. Every piece in this fabulous colour blocked collection had condensed yard upon yard of fabric to create the three dimensional detailing that the designer is known for. Adnan certainly is a fashion force to look out for! PIFD graduate Batur's brave collection took a departure from folklore Batur: PIFD graduate Batur’s rebellious aesthetic may not go down well with...
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4 Apr

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week Day three

As always, the last day was the very best. Kamiar Rokni, HSY and Ammar Belal walked for Ali Xeeshan as 'Munda shehr Lahore da' pelted in the background! Best collections of the last day: 1. Adnan Pardesy 2. FnkAsia FnkAsia's fashion week collection was stronger than the label has ever been, and what makes it better is the fact that it'll be out in the market soon if not already! 3. Ali Xeeshan 4. Teejays Summer 'must-have': Cotton gharara with cargo pockets. Colour: bone. Best productions of the day: 1. Ammar Belal: 'Wild Thang!' Buzz was that he wanted live animals - lions or at least pythons - on the catwalk but the council declined 2. HSY: 'DJ got...
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15 Nov

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week: Finale

The best thing about the line up at this fashion week was the fact that it had been edited. From thirty plus collections it had come down to around 24 including the charity and PIFD showcase. The daily shows may still not have taken the format of international fashion weeks but they are getting better in terms of presentation. It appears as if things are gradually improving. The foreign media present, at least, was thinking fashion and not the Taliban (finally!). There will be an appreciation of fashion this time, not just the peddling of a fascinating stereotype. The collections on day four: Cotton ghararas could be an interesting trend revival.   Feeha Jamshed nailed it for Teejays once again....
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