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1 Oct

PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week: Day One

Unable to attend the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2014 in person due to personal reasons, I resorted to live streaming the event from the comfort of my bedroom couch. Thank heavens for technology. It’s not the same thing; there’s no way I would critique clothes and collections in detail without doing them the justice of close observation. But impressions can be made, about the collections, the showings and the event. Divine Decadence by HSY The show got a strong kick-off with a Divine Decadence collection by HSY that was very smart. The face accessories may have been dark ala Fahad Hussayn but the collection easily took the attention away from the dramatic ornamentation to the modern fluidity of the first segment....
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15 Oct

PLBW: Last Day Last Show, Best Show!

The three day PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week ended on a high note, highlighted by the brilliance of colour from Nomi Ansari, the dignity of Sana Safinaz's colour chrome and of course the grand finale. But the day, in its entirety, was a good one. Zara Shahjahan Zara Shahjahan has the potential to be creative - as she was with floral lehngas and ghagras with pockets - however, the crowd pleasing commercial pieces were run of the mill. They may be essential to keep the business warm but I would like Zara to take the leap of faith and plunge into her skills wholeheartedly. Nomi Ansari One of the most widely appreciated (and copied) designers, Nomi...
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5 Oct

PLBW Daily Diary: Day Two

Confetti fell on the tall, colourful turbans in Ali Xeeshan's show! Some of PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week’s former glory was recovered and restored on Day 2, which started and ended with time-tested, traditional bridal statements. Maram and Aabroo, two very hard working and talented stylists put out a video featuring a beautiful Iman busy with the Solah Singhar ritual before her wedding day: the bakhoor, the kajal, the zewar, the itr and it all unraveled in a romantic Mughal way. The video led to a small style segment featuring six gorgeous bridal ensembles courtesy Zara Shahjehan. It was all a throw back to Mariam Zamani and her extended toilette. Zara Shahjehan collaborated with...
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