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13 Mar

Let lawn today be gone tomorrow!

(Published in Dawn on March 10, 2013) Lawn mania hit an all-time high last year and though the 'movement' may still be underway, one feels it won't be long before we come full circle and head back to our staple/healthy diets of Gul Ahmad, Al Karam, Nishat and even Mausummery, where lawn is still regarded as a light weight, simple and breathable fabric to be worn through summer. What more? We will realize the attraction in buying a flexible yardage of fabric (as needed), in the very print that we like. One can understand the fascination in purchasing one or two varieties of 'dress-up' lawn from a designer of your choice but why, in this age of inflation, are women swaddling...
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28 Feb

An open letter to Textile Giants (TGs)

Dear textile mill owners, Thank you for making our country, Pakistan, retail heaven for women every summer. It’s when desi girls start behaving like firangis would if Chanel were to go on clearance sale. And keeping in mind our usually sour and crabby disposition, this madness is terribly refreshing. It’s almost like we have a life between Raymond Davis and Shah Mahmood Qureshi. With Kareena last year and Deepika now, Firdous is making inroads to popularity via Bollywood. And the trend is catchy as Crescent boasts a stunning Sushmita Sen in their new campaign! It is uplifting to see beautiful women impose themselves on us mortals from heavenly billboards, a far cry from the unsightly politicians and religious figures...
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