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25 Jun

7 things we wish we hadn’t seen this Ramzan

As much as I love Ramzan, this year I'm extremely disappointed. People have been at their worst; nationally, globally, politically, whether on the streets and even on television. Yes, even TV stars - infact especially TV stars - have made my blood boil and I wish I could unsee all the programs in which they are all acting insane. In no particular order, here are some of the worst TV moments this Ramzan...
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4 Mar

The lost art of dance in Pakistani cinema

  Recently held in Alliance Française by the same name, 'The lost art of dance in Pakistani cinema' was an eye opening journey for any cinema-lover/media student/film critic. The low attendance of anyone from the media industry, however, was shocking. You would think that the people so interested in producing films and 'preserving/reviving cinema' would have attended an event like this. Sadly, there were barely any people from our mainstream film industry present. Guddu Khan, moments before breaking into a chorus of 'Thank yous' to all the people who came to see his archive   What was this event? It was an exhibition held by Guddu Khan, one of the few people who have created an impressive archive for Pakistani cinema, ranging from original film...
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2 Aug

Karachi Se Lahore: the light side of a challenging journey

  Karachi Se Lahore makes a brave attempt at a film that is driven by humour but stunted by lack of storyline.   As a film, Karachi Se Lahore works because of its humour.   Zaheem (Shahzad Shaikh) is portrayed as a loser of a struggling banker who is dumped by his girlfriend in favour of a secure life with a successful cousin. In an uncharacteristic show of backbone, egged on by his friends Sam (Ahmed Ali) and Moti (Yasir Hussain), he decides to take a trip to Lahore to stop her wedding. The films unravels as the road trip between both cities, in which they are accompanied by their neighbor Mariam (Ayesha Omar) and her brother Zeezu (Aasher Wajahat) whose father’s blue jeep they...
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3 May

A Happening Saturday Fashion Trawl

I do all my field work and market rounds on Saturday, that is how I keep myself updated with what’s up, what’s new out there and ensure that I’m not missing anything. Today was a happening Saturday, which began with a trip to Sanaullah on Tariq Road for the HSY for Ittehad lawn launch.     I didn’t plan to buy anything but went out of my way for HSY, you do that for HSY because the man deserves respect for turning the face of fashion around in Pakistan. His attitude is so great. I may not love everything he designs but I love his persona, his optimism and his sense of nationalism. He’s integral to fashion in Pakistan. Our meeting, of course,...
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29 Nov

Adnan Malik, Sikander Rizvi scorch the catwalk

Designers brought some stardust to the runway on Day 2 of Fashion Pakistan Week Adnan Malik and Sikander Rizvi, Deepak Perwani eye candy Deepak Perwani has been designing for musicians and celebrities for so long that there were bound to be some surprises up his velvet sleeve. But who would have thought that the very shy Sikander Rizvi would have stepped out of Xander’s for a walk down the runway. He was, of course, a vision for sore eyes. Adnan Malik, looking more svelte and dapper than ever these days, also took to the catwalk and all one could think of was “Khalil”. Previously better known to music and fashion circles, where he has mostly worked within, Adnan Malik has just recently acquired a...
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30 Jan

Grease Lightening…don’t miss it!

Watching Grease Lightening at the Arts Council in Karachi delighted me and simultaneously troubled me. While it was magnificent to see the depth of talent - from Sanam Saeed, Ayesha Omar, Ahmad Ali and the very young Parishae Adnan (Amir and Huma Adnan's talented daughter) - it was, in equal parts, frustrating to witness the state of the auditorium, the condition of the stage and the overall lack of facilities. The stage does absolutely no justice to the months of hard work and commitment that Nida Butt and her team put into each of their productions. Having seen Singing in the Rain in London (where it actually rained on stage) amongst other stage productions abroad and then seeing all the glamorous...
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