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12 Aug

Iftar at Nomi’s: where the African Grey was louder than any of us!

A gentle evening breeze kept the outdoors cool, a squawking parrot made sure he was heard above the social chatter and Nomi's dress code - white - ensured a sense of serenity was maintained through-out the iftar that he hosted today. Shamaeel, who hosted an iftar for council members last week and Nomi, who put together the most eclectic of people for his. Iraj in a sufi-mode, Shamaeel doing the desi-girl and Fareshteh wearing black in a white theme GT. After hours: Tapu, Nubain, Saqib and Frieha lounging after that lavish feast! Fauzia, risking a plate of pakoras and Nadia, avoiding food at all costs to lose the...
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