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16 May

Spotlight: Style or Star Power?

Bridal Couture Week, now in its tenth season, has to fix the balance which is tipping in favour of celebrities over fashion and style.   The Bridal Couture Week, now in its tenth season, has emerged one of the biggest dichotomies of the fashion industry.   Let’s look at BCW’s strengths first. The event has been consistent in showing twice a year, alternately in Lahore and Karachi, ever since its inception in 2009. The 3-day event, televised incessantly on TV and shown to millions of viewers around the world, has the kind of outreach that designers can only dream of; it gives participating brands the kind of visibility that they probably can’t get anywhere else. FahadHussayn, an acclaimed designer who’s been a BCW loyalist...
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26 Oct

FAO: Pantene and Style 360

 The W in BCW is weakening a brilliant platform Moammar Rana and Nadia presented the finale for Nilofer Shahid at the first edition of BCW First of all I can't call a two-day event a ‘week’. Two days, when falling on a Saturday and Sunday (or otherwise, depending upon where you live) can safely be referred to as ‘weekend’. Second, I refuse to call a fashion event managed by a TV channel ‘fashion week’ at all. Fashion weeks are trade events organized and coordinated by fashion councils, thereby assisting the fashion industry to grow. There HAS to be council involvement; that’s exactly what councils are here for. So to solve the Style 360 and Bridal Couture Week conundrum,...
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