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18 Jan

Nadia Jamil reveals unknown facts about Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan's charm knows no boundaries and his talent knows no limits. Not only is he an amazing actor, singer, and model, he's also an amazing human being. His Behadd co-star, Nadia Jamil made a few revelations about him and guess what? We're even more impressed than we were before. Did you know that Fawad himself has composed the backdrop of the award-winning telefilm, Behadd? Well, we did not either, until now. Do you know Fawad Khan composed the back ground score 4 Behadd himself. Utterly professional he is. Before the proposal scene in real life i had had a HUGE epileptic seizure. He stayed cool & calm & we sailed through that scene! All of us stayed up & pulled...
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27 May

Movie Marathon 3: ‘Behadd’ ho gayi, I Reluctantly confess!

I love how my life transitioned from fashion to movies this weekend. Friday was a flight of fantasy with Iron Man 3. Saturday sketched the limits of endless love in Asim Raza's Behadd and then on Sunday (today) The Reluctant Fundamentalist injected a very intense and thought-provoking dose of unpleasant reality. Mira Nair's adaptation of Mohsin Hamid's novel was gripping, moving and too close for comfort real. By the end of TRF I saw myself wishing for some of the escape and fantasy that Hollywood and Bollywood usually have to offer. This is where The Great Gatsby and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani come in handy. I suspect the next weekend will be lighter and more entertaining. Until then, here's what I...
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26 May

Behadd: Endless, starting now!

You can call it Fawad Khan's Behadd, Momina Duraid's Behadd, Nadia Jamil's or even Umera Ahmad's but to me this is very much and only Asim Raza's Behadd. As director of this tele film (that is scheduled to telecast on Hum TV on June 1) it is his passion that we see on the screen, his vision for this human story that holds you hostage and rivets you till the very end. Constructed like a telefilm, Asim jumped from the advertisements he brilliantly directs to television drama and I do think this is his stepping stone on which he will take the leap for cinema from. Director Asim Raza with Atif Aslam, who flew in from Lahore to...
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