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1 Aug

Mahira Khan’s dance debut, live at LSA16

mahira khan's dance
There are dancers, there are stage actors and performers who can dance and then there are actors and actresses who have never had the stage experience but are such a natural when performing that they light up the stage. Gentle, light on the foot and extremely well coordinated, Mahira Khan is most definitely the latter. She performed a spectacular finale at the Lux Style Awards on Friday night and while it was late and Mahira was nursing a foot injury, you could have been fooled into believing her agility on stage. This is one in a series of short clips we will be uploading until the LSAs are officially shown on GEO TV; I think that would be by the end...
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24 Jul

Catching Up with Mahira Khan

   The verdict is in and in the words of Saqib Malik, “Bin Mahira there is no Bin Roye.”   Anyone making an educated guess would have predicted the overwhelming response Mahira Khan was about to receive in the first feature film marking her debut in lead role. Yes, her big screen debut was Bol in 2011 but hers was a small role back then; it was a role that got overshadowed by Khirad in Humsafar and how!   It would be fair to say that Mahira Khan is no longer Humsafar’s tragic heroine Khirad. Mahira Khan is no longer television’s darling. Mahira is now a film star!   Catching her right before she set out for her international premieres, as she stopped to catch her breath...
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29 May

Introducing Bin Roye, again

With more than a dozen highly anticipated titles in the works this appears to be a fantastic year for Pakistani cinema. I’d say it needs to be rechristened, for the gandasa wielding, trigger happy Punjabi films that fell under the rather derogatory term ‘Lollywood’ no longer exist in the larger scheme of things. This is new age cinema: modern, contemporary and clean. It won’t be without drama though, which is what Sultana Siddiqui, CEO of Hum TV network said in the introduction to Bin Roye at a Press Conference. Colourful, musical and dramatic is the first impression you get of Bin Roye, a film that stars Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Armeena Khan, Junaid Khan, Javed Sheikh and many more. Fawad Khan...
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3 May

Hum TV introduces Bin Roye…finally!

The trailer to this film has released, ro ro kar and it comes with a ‘Releasing Soon’ promise, still no confirmed or even estimated date. Bin Roye, secretly dubbed as a Titanic on the sets – because of its long delays – finally emerged and gave Mahira Khan fans something to look forward to. Here’s what my first impression is:   Bin Roye is going to struggle to look like a feature film; it’s cast and crew is too close to television and that shows in the frames. I’m not a technical person at all but I can see that Bin Roye borders on tele-film, which may be a problem. That may also be because the makers plan to release it in drama format...
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