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12 May

Fahad Hussayn on Dulha Bhatti and celebs

Fahad Hussayn says that stars bring visibility to shows but they can’t make clothes sell. He elaborates on this and more… Fahad Hussayn is one of the most intriguing designers I’ve known. Half Rajput and half Pathan, he’s someone who comes with a rich family background and yet his aesthetic is developed much beyond rural Punjab. He’s always had a tendency to work around dark, almost Goth themes but his latest work looks brighter.Fahad’s latest show, at Bridal Couture Week in Karachi, featured a very unique collection – Dulha Bhatti – that was inspired by a character who hails from the Pindi Bhattiyan area. Has anyone even heard of it? “I’ve crossed Pindi Bhattiyan hundreds of times and I didn’t know who...
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3 Oct

Coming up…a BIG month for fashion!

…BUT does BIG mean business? Fashion weeks have become quite the talk of the town in Pakistan. They’ve made designers and their brands household names. I don’t think people have managed to wrap their heads around councils, their members and their politics but then they really don’t need to. What fashion weeks aim to do, anywhere in the world, is a) create awareness about designers and project seasonal trends, and b) elevate the business of fashion. Both these purposes are being served effectively, at least for designers who are taking fashion weeks seriously. For the rest of them (and there are many that fall in the fly-by-night category) fashion weeks are just about ten minutes of fame. Meesha...
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25 Nov

A case for couture

John Galliano designed some of the most magnificent couture for Dior. Some Like it Haute (Published Nov 24, 2011) It’s time to set the record straight for a term very loosely used in fashion: haute couture. Literally, the word haute in French means “high class” and couture means “sewing” or “dressmaking” and the two words combine to form haute couture, a term that refers to the highest order of dress-making. Haute couture clothes are custom-made for exclusive clients and display all measures of excellent tailoring, expensive fabric, innovative design and attention to detail including high quality intrinsic beading or embellishment. Sounds simple? Well, there’s a catch. The catch is that several years ago France, where haute couture originated (a tradition...
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19 Apr

Why BCW is charging stylists, a clarification

 In a brief conversation with Shanaz Ramzi, Hum TV's GM Public Relations and Bridal Couture Week's official spokesperson responded with a clarification as to why stylists were being charged a grand sum of 200,000 rupees for providing a service at BCW. "Bridal Couture Week works differently from a regular fashion week," she told me today. "We are selling them (stylists) complete advertising packages and that is essentially what they are paying for. They will be providing a service, but we are providing them invaluable air time on Hum TV and Style 360. They will be getting incredible mileage, which is why they are okay with this arrangement. They have already been appearing on morning shows. Designers are charged to showcase on...
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15 Apr

PFDC-L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week versus BCW!

It may be another tongue twisting event in Pakistan's already choc-a-bloc fashion week schedule but a Bridal Couture week is just up Lahore's right alley and it's a welcome addition despite the saturation. Spotted at the press conference: Sara Shahid, Nickie and Nina, Maheen Kardar, Shahzad Raza, QYT, Hani Taha, Fahad Hissayn, Maram, Zara Shahjahan and others. Also, a Bridal Couture Week, or any fashion 'week' rightfully belongs to (any) fashion council instead of corporations that just get involved in fashion for the profit. Why else, I ask, would Style 360's Bridal Couture Week be charging stylists for providing a service? "I've paid 800,000 (8 lakhs) for four shows," says Saba Ansari. "They have scheduled two shows a day...
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5 Dec

The Styling of Bridal Couture Week

The best thing about BCW styling was that all three days were assigned to three different hair and makeup artists. Depilex styled day one, Khawar Riaz the next and Tony & Guy the last. But if that was the best thing then the Shahzad Raza style segment, pushed into the schedule by sponsors (of which the stylist is brand ambassador), was undoubtedly the worst. Brides of Dracula? Ather Shahzad models were designed to boast the stylist’s skills in hair flair but what they presented were different ways to wear wigs, hair extensions, add-ons etc. None of the styling was natural, which is what it should have been and the models ended up looking like brides of Dracula. The...
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5 Dec

Runway Brides

Style 360 in collaboration with J&S hosted a much-needed Bridal Couture Week in Lahore (Dawn Images Dec 5, 2010) Reema walks for HSY bridals This is not the first time a stage for bridal fashion has been put up in Pakistan. India’s Bridal Asia was imported once and Bridal Waves upheld itself for two seasons before fizzling out. Veet’s regular ‘Celebration of Beauty’ shows border on bridal clothing too however Bridal Couture Week, held last weekend in Lahore, can be appreciated as the first event aimed to provide a cohesive, sustainable platform for Pakistan’s mammoth bridal industry. The three-day ‘week’ had teething problems, expectedly, but there was nothing that can’t be fixed with a little planning. The only question...
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29 Nov

BCW: the press that had other pressing issues :)

The ludicrousness of the situation has me getting this racking laugh out of my system before I pen my review of Bridal Couture Week for Dawn. I flew out for the event because I have been going on and on about the significance of a bridal platform for Pakistan and I wanted to justify my nagging scribbles. So there I was, in the chilly city of Lahore driving out to the Royal Palm for a press con that was apparently introducing visiting designer Muzaffar Ali from India to us. Great. Time check. I was running half an hour late. Damn. Apparently not enough damn. The Summit Hall was empty half an hour into the scheduled time, with just a couple of...
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