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7 Jun

Lawn: Time to brand your prints

Given Pakistan’s obsession with lawn prints, it is odd that no designer has been able to come up with a single, signature print. Pakistan would be a tropical paradise if it had even a fraction of the robust vibrancy of nature that is exhibited on its lawn prints. I don’t think there is a leaf, a sprig or a species of flower that hasn’t been celebrated in two colour ways each. From parrots to parakeets, crows, sparrows, swallows, peacocks, flamingos, penguins, robins, hummingbirds and many other birds of paradise, the number of species visible on lawn prints would make any bird lover proud. But in this wild celebration of nature, where is the signature? How do we distinguish one label from...
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3 May

Whose style is it anyway?

Instep, The News May 3 2010 Pardon me, and I know it’s impolite, but I stare. Correction. I ‘observe’. There’s something in what I do for a living that compels me to observe the way people dress or carry their personal style. And over the last decade or so of consistent observation, I can’t help but slot all the women I’ve been staring at into separate little spaces and slap on labels according to their personal style. And I’m talking about women, mind you, not the anorexic variety of teenagers who hang in their t-shirts as their denims hang loose on their hipbones. Not even girls who believe they’ve hit sartorial maturity when they’re finally allowed to wear saris to their...
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