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26 Oct

X2 Pan Asian Dining in Lahore

A trip to Lahore almost always means a weight gain because of the criminally rich and exotic local cuisine and this time was no different. The nihari and payee, the haleem and yakhni pulao, the damned samosas that come with a bright red plum sauce that is not available in Karachi. That, with the channa chutney, is heaven. Especially if you attack it with a plain naan, as we used to at the Kinnaird College canteen. Oh and if you visit Lahore in winter then the fish at Bashir Daar-ul-Mahi (whom I prefer to Sardaar) is a must-go. So yes, I am a foodie as much as a fashion critic.     While continental/fine dining options are limited in Lahore - the Cosa...
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