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12 Oct

How DMPS got lost in translation

  There’s nothing ordinary about Asad ul Haq. From his demeanor to his approach, he’s edgy and left of centre. Then why did Pakistan – the viewer and the critic – expect his debut film, Dekh Magar Pyaar Say, to be a conventional romance or worse, a masala flick?   Asad has been filming ad campaigns for over 20 years; the Don Carlos (black and white) campaign, Telenor (again the black and white campaign) and the impactful HBL campaign featuring Pakistan Cricket Team are just some examples of his multitude of work. “I’m notorious for doing things different,” he explains, providing an easy explanation to the way DMPS is shot. “People come to me when they want to step out of the box.”     For...
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20 Aug

‘Unproductive’ product placements we could have done without

We love this energetic new wave that Pakistani cinema is riding on these days. This is a wave that has boarded all sorts of diverse subjects, from boxers to bankers, rickshaw-walas to corrupt railway officials and cricketers to con-girls. It’s diverse, it’s promising and though it may still be miles away from its destination, it is getting there slow and steady. In a nutshell, we love films. What we don’t love, however, is the inclusion of unwanted ads in the midst of these films. You thought that ad-breaks were only going to haunt you amidst your favourite TV shows, right? Wrong! One thing regrettable in this new age of cinema is product placement, which is actually as strong as any...
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16 Jul

First Look: Dekh Magar Pyaar Say

Three reasons why the trailer of DMPS leaves us looking forward to the film.    ‘Look, but with Love’, the title literally means. And one can’t help watching the first trailer of the film with interest and affection. It’s a good looking two minutes, featuring what seems like a film revolving around two characters. And while both of them provide a pleasant dose of eye candy, it has to be said that Humaima Malick completely dominates the screen.   DMPS appears to be a film led by a female protagonist, which is quite refreshing. It’s also great for Humaima, who rose to unprecedented heights with her award-winning debut in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol in 2011. It showed the world that Humaima can act, she has...
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