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8 Mar

Dolmen mall’s 4th annual Women’s Day Power Talk discusses ways to empower women

womens day
Dolmen Mall celebrated International Women’s Day on 6th March 2020, fourth year in a row, with a Power Talk discussion. The event honoured women from all walks of life including accomplished entrepreneurs, influencers, fitness experts, media luminaries and renowned celebrities. Everybody came together to discuss the future of women in Pakistan and how empowered women can help other women. The talk was moderated by Faiza Saleem, the originator of the first-ever all-women comedy group in Pakistan, The Khawatoons. The panel discussion centred around liberating women through empowerment and building support systems. It comprised women discussing the main topic given their vast range of expertise and personal experiences. The participants included Pakistani fashion designer, Huma Adnan, who works with refugee artisans, Tahira Hasan, founder and Director...
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